Breakfast Menu (served all day)

Toast (GF, Vegan option)
Your choice of any bread, toasted served with butter and one condiment. (House made Raspberry Jam, Marmalade, Honey, Vegemite)
1 slice $4.95
2 slices $6.95
Raisin Toast (V)
Served with butter
1 slice $4.95
2 slices $6.95
Banana Bread (V)
Momentum fresh made served with nutella mascarpone mousse, mixed berry compote and candied walnut.
1 slice $6.95
2 slices $8.95
Eggs on toast (GF, V)
Two eggs cooked your way on your choice of buttered toast
Add Bacon $5.00
Retro Benedict (GF, V)
Your choice of Salmon, grilled baby spinach, bacon or sliced Virginian ham, served on a buttered English, topped with two eggs cooked your way and our house made hollandaise sauce.
Big breakfast (GF option)
Two eggs cooked your way, two rashers bacon, house made hash brown, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and chorizo served on your choice of buttered toast.
Avocado Smashed (GF, V, Vegan option)
Served on Multigrain toast with beetroot puree, roasted mixed cherry tomato, fetta cheese, golden beetroot, a lemon wedge, dukka, toasted seeds and snowpea tendrils
Add Egg 2.00
Sweet potato, Zucchini & corn fritters (GF)
Two fritters served with chorizo, avocado, Dijon siracha, one egg, mixed seeds and micro herbs.
Add Bacon $5.00, Add Salmon $4.00
Breaky Burger (GF option)
Two Rashers bacon, two eggs served fried or scrambled, tasty cheese and chilli jam on our house made brioche bun
Slow cooked Pulled beef brisket benedict (GF)
House made Hash brown, two poached eggs, sauteed kale, pomegranate, beetroot powder, hollandaise sauce and micro herbs.
Pork Benedict (GF option)
Slow cooked barbecue pork served on sourdough bread, two poached eggs, julienne green apples, bacon crumble, hollandaise sauce and micro herbs.
Forest Mushroom (Vegan, GF option)
Hummus, Pan fried Shiitake , oyster, swiss , portobello mushroom, edamame beans, salsa verde on sourdough bread with crispy enoki and pea tendrils.
Add Egg $2.00
Chilli con Carne Breakfast Bowl (GF option)
Chilli Con Carne served with two poached eggs, sour cream, pitta bread and micro herbs.
Add Chorizo $4.00, Add Avocado $4.00
Porridge (Vegan, GF option)
Creamy coconut porridge with black quinoa, pistachio, seasonal berries, blueberry poached pear & toasted coconut.
Nutella Panna cotta
Nutella Panna cotta with house made granola, raspberry coulis, seasonal fruits and toasted marshmallows
House made waffles
House made waffles served with raspberry mousse, lemon curd, freeze dried berries, Raspberry icecream, pistachio and seasonal fruit.
French toast (GF option)
House made brioche French toast served with caramel sauce, macadamia praline, seasonal berries, maple syrup, caramel ice cream & freeze dried strawberries. 
Breakfast extras: Bacon (2 rashers) $5, Chorizo $4, Salmon $4, Mushrooms $3, Tomato $2, Avocado $4, Spinach $4, Baked Beans $3, House made hash brown $2, Egg $2., Kale $4. 

Panini’s, (served toasted)

Lemon thyme Chicken panini (GF option) 
Our house made panini bread filled with grilled lemon thyme chicken, avocado, aioli, spinach and white cheddar cheese, toasted in the sandwich press.
Add Chips $5.00 
Smoked Salmon Panini (GF option) 
Our house made panini bread filled with smoked salmon, rocket, herbed mayonnaise and white cheddar cheese, toasted in the sandwich press
Add Chips $5.00
Ham, Cheese, Tomato Panini (GF option)
Our house made panini bread filled with sliced Virginia ham, white cheddar cheese, roast tomato, mayonnaise and Dijon mustard toasted in the sandwich press. 
Add Chips $5.00
Chicken Schnitzel Panini
Our house made panini bread filled house crumbed chicken schnitzel, crispy bacon, thinly sliced tomato, mayonnaise, white cheddar cheese and lettuce, toasted in the sandwich press. 
Add Chips $5.00 Add Avocado $4.00
Cheesy Brisket Panini
Our house made panini bread filled brisket, caramalised onion, Dijon, white cheddar cheese, mayonaise and toasted in the sandwich press
Add Chips $5.00 Add Tomato $2.00 Add Bacon $4.00
Panini bar Frankston

Light Meals

Winter Tomato Bruschetta (GF, V)
Roasted mixed cherry tomatoes, roasted shallots balsamic glaze and crumble feta with micro basil served on 3 pieces of toasted ciabatta.
Add egg $2.00 Avocado $4.00 Add Proscuitto $4.00
Soup of the day
Please see our friendly staff.
Potato wedges (V)
Served with sweet chilli & sour cream
Add cheese $1.00, Bacon Pieces $2.00

Bowl of seasoned chips (V)
Cooked golden brown and seasoned with the Momentum blend of herbs and spices.

Dipping sauces available on request (extra charges may apply): Aioli, Tomato, Sweet Chilli, Sour Cream, Mayonnaise, Mustards (Dijon, Seeded).

 Kids Cafe Frankston


Chicken Souvlaki bowl
Greek marinated chicken, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives, fetta, onion,
hummus, herbed yoghurt and pitta bread. 
Felafel Salad bowl (Gf, Vegan)
Spinach, dukkah, pomegranate, mixed herbs, roasted sweet potato, chickpea, black
quinoa, mixed seeds, house dressing and a smoked yoghurt.
Add Chicken $4.00
Crispy Calamari Poke bowl (GF)
Crispy fried calamari, pickled ginger, caramalised pineapple, cucumber, pickled
carrots, seaweed, edamame beans, avocado, siracha aioli, sesame seeds & fried
Southern fried chicken Burger (GF option) 
Cajun buttermilk fried chicken, honey mustard cabbage & carrot slaw, lettuce, sliced jalapenos, red onion, chipotle aioli and American cheese served on a brioche bun with crispy chips
Add Avocado $4.00, Add Bacon $2.50
Beef Brisket Burger (GF option) 
Slow cooked beef brisket, Dijonnaise, lettuce, tomato, red onion, American cheese
served on a brioche bun with crispy chips. 
Add Egg $2.00 Add Bacon $2.00 
Barbecue Pulled Pork Burger (GF option) 
Slow cooked barbecue pulled pork, Siracha aioli, honey mustard cabbage & carrot slaw. 
Crispy skin Salmon (GF)
Crispy skin salmon served with a brown butter sauce, celeriac almond puree and
watercress salad.
Beer battered fish and chips
Beer battered flat head tails served with crispy chips, salad and tartare sauce.
Brisket Ragu
Slow cooked beef brisket cooked in a tomato sugo, wild mushroom, potato mash and snowpea tendrils. 
Chicken fettucine
Housemade fettucine pasta, proscuitto, onion, garlic, chicken, peas, mint and parmesan cheese and finished with an egg yolk. 
Ricotta Gnocchi served on a bed of roasted pumpkin with sage, pesto, pinenuts, prosciutto and parmesan cheese
Mushroom Risotto (GF, V) 
Truffle oil infused mushroom risotto. Fresh herbs and parmesan cheese
Add Chicken $5.00, Add Proscuitto $4.00
Chicken Parmigiana or Plain schnitzel
Crumbed chicken breast (freshly made) with parmesan and sage, Napoli sauce, shaved Virginia ham, shredded mozzarella served with crispy chips and a garden salad.

Kids Meal

Kids Bacon & Eggs on toast
One rasher bacon, one free range egg served poached, fried or scrambled on your choice of buttered toast. 
Ham & Cheese Soldiers
Virginian ham & Tasty Cheese served on your choice of bread
Chicken & Chips
Two house crumbed chicken tenders served with seasoned chips & tomato sauce
Kids Fish ‘n’ Chips
1 piece of crispy battered fish fillets served with seasoned chips and tomato sauce.
Add extra pieces of fish $4.00
Kids waffle
One waffle served with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup.
Add extra waffle $4.00
 Kids Cafe Frankston


Iced beverages
Iced coffee, Iced Mocha, Iced Chocolate, Iced White chocolate, Iced Chai (Cream optional)
Small $4.00, Medium $6.00 Large/Eat in $7.50
Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Caramel, Blue heaven, Lime, Banana, Spearmint.
Small $4.00, Medium $6.00 Large/Eat in $7.50
Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Caramel, Blue heaven, Lime, Banana, Spearmint
Small $4.50, Medium $7.00 Large/Eat in $8.50
Smoothies (made with real fruit)
Banana, Berry, Mango, Passionfruit
Small $4.50, Medium $7.00 Large/Eat in $8.50
Coffee, Chocolate, Mocha, Chai (Spiced or Vanilla), White Chocolate (Cream optional) $0.50
Small $4.50, Medium $7.00 Large/Eat in $8.50
 Kids Cafe Frankston


Cup $4.50, Mug $5.30, Small TA $4.50, Medium TA $5.30,

Large TA $6.00

Flat White
Short Black ($3.00)
Long Black
Short Macchiato ($3.30)
Long Macchiato ($3.50)
Piccolo ($3.30)
Chai Latte Available in Spiced or Vanilla (Mug)
Hot Chocolate (Mug)
White Chocolate (Mug)
Mocha (Mug)
Turmeric Latte ($4.70)
Beetroot Latte ($4.70)
Babycino served with Marshmallows ($1.50)


English breakfast
Earl Grey,
Spring Green,
Honeydew Green,
Lemongrass & Ginger

For desserts please see our display in the front counter. All our desserts are made fresh in our momentum kitchen. 

Spend your afternoon with a colourful plate !